WIFI Calling charges for international calls

Friendly Neighbour

More of a statement but looking into WIFI calling wile travelling. It appears if enabled within Canada WIFI calling would be free or simply incur any charges under your mobility account usage terms. Just wondering why Telus would charge for WIFI calling while traveling abroad when you can free download  multiple apps such as Skype and make international calls for pennies on the minute.   I'm in Mexico have two cell phones one with an international SIM card plus an additional Canada PEN (personal extra number). So I call forward my Telus phone to my International Canada PEN so I can still receive calls without any problems (about $0.40 minute but better than $10.00 per 24 our Telus easy roam) Funny thing is my Telus phone still rings even the cellular is turned off, WIFI calling is turned off and the phone is call forwarded. 

If you can use the internet to make a call you should only be billed for the data at most. 

I think in the future this WIFI calling will be the way to go just as if your visiting a webpage. Appreciate any feedback on this topic.


Telus bills you for call forwarding!  Ever call forwarded, is defined and charged differently than what your regular plan has.  Every call forwarded to your international number will incure a charge unless you subscribe to a Call Forwarding plan that includes international call forwarding. 


WiFi Calling works in a simple way.  You can use your device over WiFi Calling the same as you use it when in Canada.  If you have Canada-wide calling, you use that normally.  If you make a call overseas though from your device, that is treated as if you are making the call from Canada and is billed as such. 


If your device is still ringing and you have WiFi Calling turned off.  You must not have your device in Airplane Mode.