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Unwanted new features added without warning


Why were "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "Exclusive $10" added without my permission? The "Available plans and features" page on says I have these features.


Why can't I cancel them?


I am currently on "LNR 2500 Domestic Messaging Plan". The new "features" more than double my monthly charges, and I was NOT warned that I was getting them. I WAS NOT ASKED WHETHER I WANTED THEM, but I got them anyway, and I can't remove them.

Please fix this, Telus.


Nobody here can do anything for you. We are customers just like you. You need to contact TELUS customer support.

Thanks.  I was there already; that is why I'm here.  I couldn't find a way to contact anyone at Telus, and the "search the questions" feature there was useless.  So I am here, and steamed.


Incidentally, I could not find any description of what the "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "Exclusive $10" features do.  I just got slammed with them -- without notice, without being asked whether I wanted them.  To make matters even worse, I can't seem to cancel the features.

Go to your online account login page. There's a Chat icon on the lower right corner. That's the easiest way to contact someone in customer service.


The $3and$10 was done on the  31 may. A lot of people had this happen. Telus was updating and a update was from Augest of 2018 on prepaid accounts. It was their error and was corrected same day. You have to go on line to your account and check your activity it should show that it is corrected. Mine was the 400/400 plan. Polecat

Thanks, polecat.  I checked my transaction history before coming here for the first time, and yes, Telus refunded the extra charges -- for this month.  I couldn't cancel the "$3 rate" and "Exclusive $10" features, so I think Telus' intention is to keep charging me for them.  I am extra steamed that they added the extra features without my knowledge or consent -- they were totally sneaky about it.


To frdo888.----- Last Augest Telus changed my $100/ 365 plan 15 local 30 text 50 ld to a plan 400 local 400 text no long distance.  Come october phoning a relative following wifes major surgery in calgary i was cut off in mid call (NO MONEY FOR LD) Fine man let me use his cell to call. Said they messaged me (i don't check messages or used the phone for 2 months). Will not be using Telus for prepaid at the end of sept top up date. Cell is for travelling only.  Polcat

Polecat, looks like Telus is gradually becoming more corrupt. I see that I am still on the hook for the "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "Exclusive $10" features, whatever they are (Telus is sure not telling me). They were added without my knowledge or consent, and I can't seem to cancel them. I will see what happens at the end of the month. If as I now expect Telus does the evil thing, I will cancel Telus.

What did they say when you contacted TELUS Customer Service?

@xray wrote:
What did they say when you contacted TELUS Customer Service?

I am deaf, so I can ask "what Telus Customer Service"?  I will try to get someone to phone for me, but I am not expecting much: the fact that my Telus Mobility page won't allow me to cancel the "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "Exclusive $10" features indicates that that the company went out of its way to force those features on me.  That is why I say they're becoming more corrupt: they inflicted those features on me very underhandedly -- without telling me about them, and without asking whether  I wanted them.


By the way, I use my cell phone only for texting.  Perhaps Telus thinks I don't spend enough and wants to squeeze me harder -- as I am deaf, I've absolutely no use for any of their voice services.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Good morning, you can contact us @TELUSsupport through Twitter or send us a private message on our TELUS Facebook page. 

I decided to wait to see what would happen near the end of the month (June 2019).  I made sure the auto-renew was turned off for "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "$10 Exclusive", and then I waited.  There was indeed an attempt to charge me, but as the auto-renew was turned off, I wasn't charged, and the features were deactivated.  Now when I log into my account, the unwanted features are gone.  Good.


Frodo888            Wait for it i am sure they are up to something by the number of promo calls i have received in the last 30 days. Polecat


I was about to contact telus that day but then checked my account and it showed in and out on the 31 of may.

@polecat wrote:

I was about to contact telus that day but then checked my account and it showed in and out on the 31 of may.

Hi polecat, I had the same experience (surprising extra charge, then a refund).  Having had a bad experience with Telus before, I checked the "Plans & add-ons" page on My Telus and discovered that despite the refund I was still registered for the "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "Exclusive $10" features -- with "auto-renew" ticked, thus enabling Telus to charge me extra for nothing that I can see.  I disabled the auto-renew of course, but I suspect that Telus will try to charge me again next month.


I suggest you do the same and see if you are still on the hook for those features.  Try to cancel them -- the web page will report that those features are cancelled, but if you log in again, you will see that those features are still there, and there will be no way to get rid of them from that page.


If you then call Telus Customer Service, I'd like to know what explanation you got and whether you have any luck cancelling the extra features.  Thanks.



Frodo888-----------Checked my account looks like the $3 and $10 are still there. I don't even know my account is called anymore. All i ever had was a $100/365 pay as you go had local /ld /texting paid by the minute  I had data shut off. The plan as it sits now expires early Oct.  The $ don't accumulate with renewal so i will let the cell account die. I was not on auto renewal. Found a plan that will do what i want. Polecat