Telus account Vs collections

I previously had an account with Telus, and due to issues between both parties, my account was cancelled.
It was sent to collections, which I recieved notification for. However, I am still receiving ebills from Telus for the amount owing.
From my knowledge, when a collection company takes over an account, the balance is wrote off on the original companies side, and placed in the hands of the agency.

Since I can still access my Telus account, which shows the owing balance, does that mean I can contact them directly to pay it and have it removed from collections?

I would rather pay Telus directly, instead of the agency that claims to now own the debt.

Thanks in advance
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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee



Usually, Telus will first refer the account to collections and if the agency is unable to collect then the debt is sold off to collections.  If you still see a balance on your account then you can still pay Telus directly.  I would give them a call at 310-2255 and they'll be able to take a payment for the amount, close the account, and close the account with the collection agency.  Once the debt is sold to the collection agency, you have to deal directly with the collection agency.