Switched from Telus to Koodo - Credit on account


I switched from Telus to Koodo months ago and kept the same number. I received several bills since then from Telus showing a credit on my account. Yet when I call to request a cheque or have the funds transferred, I'm forwarded to Koodo support and they can't do anything about it. They just connect me to Telus and I'm put on hold for hours.


It's been months and I want to be reimbursed ASAP. How can this get resolved?

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Community Power User

You could try contacting Telus through their Facebook or Twitter account, and make your request there. 

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You have to contact customer care and request a cheque!  Although Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus, you can not transfer funds and bill credits from one to the other.  The last time I waited on Koodo to send me a cheque (the opposite of your situation), it took about 5 weeks to receive it.