Notification: A 30 day rate plan is required on accounts with a balance of over $150.


I got a text and email to this effect this morning. I topped up my prepaid with $100 by debit card Monday, and the balance was $105.


What is the point of this message? I've been adding $100 twice a year for several years, so I guess this is a new policy.

I'm on the $10 data add-on and now the mandatory $3 rate plan. I guess that doesn't count.

I suppose I can top up with $25 every two months, since my costs are now $26 or more.


Here is the first half of the email. I think they are tricking me into getting the $10 rate plan, which you can't switch back.

We would like to update you on your Prepaid account balance, and inform you about our account balance policy. Please ensure you review this email as it contains important information about your account.

As of October 31, 2018 you have a balance of $105.30. 

Account Balance Policy Information
Customers with a balance of $150.00 or more must be subscribed to and maintain a 30-day rate plan or 30-day add-on. If you are not subscribed to a 30-day rate plan when you reach a $150.00 account balance, our $10.00 Talk + Messaging rate plan will be added to your account and the price will be deducted from your account balance every 30 days. This is our least expensive voice and messaging plan. It provides you with 50 local minutes and 50 local text messages.

Customers with a 30-day rate plan do not need to top up to keep their remaining account balance from expiring. As long as you have a rate plan that is set up to automatically renew from your account, your remaining balance will not expire. 
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There were a number of folks on the old pre-pay plans which were pay-by-text and pay-by-minute. To keep their plans active they would buy a monthly, or bi-monthly top up. Due to lack of use, as many of these were 'emergency phones' or similar low use phones, the balance would creep up. These unused balances are a liability to Telus, so they put a policy in place to address this.


If you have a 30 day plan, and are reducing your balance regularly, you should not have any worries. And yes, you could top up with a $25 top-up every two months, plus a $10 every 10 months, if you wish.


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I had a $100 365 prepaid talk .15 text .30 ld if used .50.  Used for travelling only and they made me change to a $100 365 400 talk &400 text leaving a balance on plan of approx $4.00 but no long distance. Used the long distance  after wife having major surgery phone died half way through call. They did not tell me that i had to add more money to call ld. I contacted telus and complained about no notification of the change to my 365 cell is not used months at a time. So now it cost more for the service i  really liked (emergency only )They settled me down by putting dollars on the cell account. But that being said their communication with people is not the best  ( an email is the best not the cell that is only used rarely).  I was not told calls were local only.  I will try a different way to have a travelling phone at a good $ value. POLECAT