Moving two of the three line on my account




I am hoping on of the experts will be able to advise he here.

I have three lines on my Telus Mobility Account, mine (1, the first number on the account) and my two sons (2 and 3).


Lines 1 and 2 are now out of contract. We want to upgrade our phones (I cracked my screen) and Telus don't do our contact any more, if I renew  lines 1 and 2 it will cost us $30 each a month more. 


Line 3 has 1 more year to go on its contract.


I would like to move lines 1 and 2 to Rogers (we can now get corporate rate on them that is half what we would be paying to Telus). 


Will there be any issues with keeping line 3 on this account on its own, until we can move it next year?

Am I right in thinking that I can only port line 1 (line 1 being the primary number on the account) and that my son using line 2 will have to get a new number?


Thanks for your help!

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Yes, you can migrate 2 of the 3 lines on your account. Just be certain that you can move multiple lines to the corporate account you are considering. 

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Thanks, we already checked that, we can have up to 10 lines in one corporate account!