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Joining Telus From Rogers - Questions

Just Moved In

Hello all,


I'm very interested in joining Telus mobility, I will be switching from Rogers due to service issues in a northern place in Manitoba. Right now with Rogers I get a 30% off being with the Federal Government.


Does Telus offer a 30% off discount as Rogers does? Right now I pay $65 for 30GB of data with Rogers (Got on the double data promotion so really only 15GB. (Manitoba)


I was sent a promotion link that and I signed up for it at which took my government email, and it offered a $400 port in phone which is good, but mentioned nothing of a discount percent.


And finally does Telus do hard credit for mobile plans? if so is there anyway to avoid this?


Thank you


Just Moved In

I will mention, I also found the service with Telus to be terrible so far, everything from communication from reps with very poor English, to reps constantly transferring me to the wrong department, the Telus website very difficult to navigate (It's almost like Telus doesn't want to help us by hiding things like the live chat etc) and worst the support hours of operation of terrible, ending at 9pm central.  

Welcome to the new Telus!  The downfall of Customer Care started, at least in my opinion, when the minimum wage in Ontario jumped to $14 an hour.  Longer wait times (2 hours plus in some cases), a lack of knowledge by the reps (more than likely from outsourcing), and a less friendly and positive experience over all.  


Government plans are usually done through corporate discounts/departments, and in some cases, directly through the company or government HR.  You might want to check with your particular agency to see what they offer through Telus and if they offer anything at all through Telus.  You could also talk to Customer Care and see if they could find another way to match the discounts or plan offered by Rogers.  It might not be exactly what you had or are expecting, but I'm sure they could come up with something better than the current ridiculous market gouging.  


The Telus website, especially the billing section, was clearly designed by some of the less intelligent animal mascots that the company rotates through.  This has always been an issue with Telus, although a minor annoyance in my opinion.  

Hmmm.  We seem to have lost our edit button.  


What device are you using and did you bring that device over from Rogers?  It might just be a firmware difference restricting you from some bands that is not delivering the service you had hoped.  Across Canada, Bell/Telus has always had the superior network in most places.  The especially is the case in more rural areas.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

EPP is managed by agencies external to Telus, which is why you are having difficulty trying to address it via internal routes. Usually, the EPP plan is offered through the same agency as supplies the hardware and plans to the agency with whom you are employed.


In the past, Telus EPP plans were not a simple discount, but were a ompletely different plan than offered either consumers or small business. Usually your internal network has a site describing the EPP offers available to you. 

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