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Is it possible to start a "new" service from an international location ?

Just Moved In

Okay this one is a bit complicated.


1. I was previously a long-term customer of Telus (from 1996 to 2017) and I only canceled because I moved internationally.

2. I left with a positive balance in my account (i.e. Telus owes me money) and Telus is still sending me "bills" with this positive balance so they know what my email address is.

3. I can't log in to Telus itself because my email/password combination isn't working, trying reset password tells me that the reset function isn't working. (This may be because I am trying to access it internationally).


So what I am trying to do is start what probably will be considered a new mobility service as soon as I arrive back in Canada and put the Telus sim card (which I still have) into my phone.


Ultimately I was trying to avoid international charges on my current (Australian provider) and/or long-distance phone charges on a call to Telus customer support (who would probably tell me they can't do what what I am asking for).


Can anyone provide anything definitive on this ?


Community Power User
Community Power User
You will have to physically be in canada before you can open a new account and activate the SIM card.


You could use a VPN after having someone ship you a SIM to Australia.  Telus will not ship a SIM internationally under those conditions but anyone you know back in Canada could pick one up for you and pop it in the mail.