Foreign email address isn't approved

Friendly Neighbour

Foreign email address isn't approved

Hi My German Email has not been rejected. Why? My old one has been approved. ChristianZ

Rejected for what ?

For my account in the neighbourhood community. I received a message email not valid. seems to be unknown or not allowd for Telus

It's probably something in the potential spam filters that bots have either attempted to use that domain in the past.  Use a GMail, Outlook, or something very common.  

Community Power User

Might be the hyphenated email address causing an algorithm to refuse the email address as non-standard.

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I would think that's not it, but so as to give the benefit of the doubt, I just successfully registered one with a hyphenated domain, so that's not it.

That might be best dealt with by customer support.  I would not make mention of whether it is "foreign" or not, that might cause confusion.  An email address is an email address...

Thanks for your replay  and have a great day