Can't change address - Technical Difficulties?


Hey there!

I placed a pre-order yesterday and charged my card. Today I got a call that I missed and there was a voice mail. It said it had troubles processing my order today. I was unable to call back in time as I work evenings. I figured the problem was my billing address was not updated since I moved in September.

I tried to update my address and I've been getting the same error all night. "Due to technical issues, we are unable to update your address. Please try again later" And I'm just worried my pre-order will be cancelled and I will be ineligable for my pre-order bonus (The Galaxy S10+ with free Galaxy buds)

I have the receipt that included the buds so will I still receive them?

Community Power User
Community Power User

You may have created this impasse because you attempted to change your address after placing the order. Contact Telus directly to get things sorted.

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