Can not sign into my account

Everytime I enter my email and password. Keeps showing error about a dozen times..had to register again..
What’s happening? What should I do. Then the new password is ridiculous. How is anyone going to remember it..grr the error has been showing since I retried each time, frustration
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Community Power User

Is there an error message presented?  I've had no issues with my ancient login, though the process seems slow tonight.


Did the issue arise after making a change to your login, or did it happen without you making a change?


Are you using the My Telus link at the top of the page, or accessing it in another manner?  


Finally, can't you choose a password of your own invention?


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The Telus app updated a few days ago, I think, so if you're using the app, the update might be an issue. I signed into my account earlier this morning on my computer and it was fine. I'm not happy to see so much data used (much much more than trickle data) when I haven't touched my data since the last billing, but that's another issue. Cat LOL