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Just Moved In

Spoke to customer service last night, after being on hold for over an hour.  Previous time I tried calling I just gave up after 1.5hours.  The recording kept reminding me how valuable me time is. 


I only had one question,  why did my bill increase?  Comparing old to new it looks like we were removed from the BYOD40 and placed on the BYOD50 plan which I am told is also a discontinued plan but that they were being "nice" by only increasing our bill $23.


I have been with Telus since the days it was called Clearnet and I had a Mike phone, well over a decade.  My wife and I only use our phones for emergencies.  I asked the agent to verify our usage over the phone, which she did and confirmed we hardly use the phones.  I refuse to pay $140 a month for two phones that we don't use.($1680 per year)  Occasionally we will use up to half of our 2gb shared data. 


I suggested that they move us to a plan with only 100 minutes (as we average less than 10 in a month) but I was told no such plan existed and we had to be on an unlimited plan that we clearly don't need.  


It is really too bad that the company decided to go this way, and to allow us as long time customers to leave over $23.  I would have cancelled last night but we are going to port our numbers out to Bell this afternoon as they are willing to give us a far better deal. 



Just Moved In

I to had this happen to me and we have been on our BYOD plans for the last two years; we have two lines and they raised them both. Just called them and they offered me a discount to make it $5 more than I had in the past.  Also looking to switch to.  I wonder how many other people are in the same boat?


Maybe you could switch to prepaid? Though a GB of data a month on prepaid might be more than you pay now on postpaid, I don't know for sure. I only have 500 MB of data on my postpaid plan--my plan is so old I'm surprised Telus hasn't buried it--and I've never used even half per month, so data isn't my thing given I have WiFi for everything, everywhere--but my husband has a prepaid phone for emergencies, costs about 100.00 a year. 

At that point, you guys might as well go prepaid. You’ll save a LOT!