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telus should call us back rather than put us on hold

Just Moved In

When I have to call Telus for some sort of support, invariably I encounter an "all agents are busy, please stay on the line" message.  More than 3 years ago I had my TV service with Shaw, who are NOT a phone company.  But they had worked out how to call the customer back in the order calls were received, so the customer's time was not wasted.   Telus is a technology company, but more importantly a TELEPHONE company so I would think it would be an embarrassment to them that they can not provide such a basic SERVICE to their customers as calling them back so their time is not wasted and the telephone line is not tied up for lengthy periods while the customer waits on hold.



Hi Victoria,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We do have the feature to offer call backs, however, this is only activated once the wait times reach a certain time, I apologize that this was not offered to you. We will definitely forward your feedback to the appropriate team.

Friendly Neighbour

Oh I see. So is that why my call is summarily disconnected after I have been on hold for 45 minutes? So I stay under the cut-off as to when a TELEPHONE company would actually have to make a TELEPHONE CALL to a cusomter?


This way I can call again, and the count starts at zero, and I'm at the back of the queue.


Got it!


Thanks a bunch!