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Just Moved In

I live in a condo which is approx. 5 years old. When someone presses intercom to be let in they can here me but I can hardly here them. Nobody else in building seems to be having any problems.

This has been a problem since we moved in and connected to Telus, any help would be great.




Community Power User
Community Power User

5 years old? Ask the condo board / property manager if the enterphone system is directly physically tied into your phone line (like the really old ones) or if it just dials your number like the current ones should. If the home phone works fine for all other calls, it could be an issue with the enterphone itself.


If the enterphone just dials a number, you could have them reprogram it to your cell # to see if that makes a difference. If same issue with the cell, then it's a problem with the enterphone. My building has had issues with our before we ripped out the builder model and installed our own. Builders will put the cheapest possible one in. 

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