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how do we adjust our spam control setting now, 2016 August


Previous advice suggests going to the High Speed



and select home services, etecetera.


"High Speed" does not appear for my account, I have optik.


That pretty much wipes out the value of the rest of the script.


How do I get to the webpage where I can adjust my spam filtering options today?


The webpage at <deleted by Moderator>


Has a button labelled " If you need to change your username, alias, password or spam settings, contact us for assistance." which links to but all of the advice is out of date. There is no actual advice about how to update email spam filtering today, or how to actually contact someone at TELUS about doing that.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Unfortunately it seems the only way is by calling in. The number is in the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page. I recommend a call first thing in the morning.


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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member



How are you. Just like to confirm you are talking about spam setting for your webpage or your having issues accessing your Telus Acct Portal. 




It's the spam setting for the email. It's no longer part of the user account portal.



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Telus - what's the response to the question? I've got emails getting filtered as spam and would like to update my settings. Thanks.



I tried calling support, but they seemed surprised that the spam filter settings were no longer available in my account. They kept offering to change my email password, when I only wanted to check spam filter settings as the spam filtering does not seem to be working at present.


Support tried to help, but was unable to. Telus needs to resolve this issue. Why would they disable the existing system before the replacement is in place?