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email notifications of bill

Just Moved In

I am on paperless billing and receive an email notification of my bill.  I also am on pre-authorized payments.  I would like the email notification to indicate that the bill is information only and doesn't need payment due to the pre-authorized payment set-up.


Further, since my notice did NOT say that, I went online to double-check - since I was pretty sure it was on pre-auth payment but wasn't sure.  I could not find the information anywhere online.  I had to use Chat to ask someone.


Please indicate in the email notificaton for clients on pre-authorized payments, that they do not need to pay the bill manually.


Thank you.



Hi there,

I apologize for the inconvenience. Even though you are setup on pre-authorized payments, the bill will still come through as normal. Since we have confirmed that you are setup for the payment to be paid automatically, you do not need to worry when you receive the e.bill notification, the system will take care of the rest. We do appreciate your feedback and will forward this accordingly.

  I am assuming that since I am being double billed by Telus ( they are charging me for last moths bill again plus interest and I have pre-authorized billing  which was deducted and paid last month )    then they will have to pay me the same interest rate on my money (  that they are going to illegally withdraw this month )  as the interest rate that customers have to pay them when they do not pay their bills ??   This would only make sense.   Does anyone know for sure or would it have to be taken to small debts court for a decision  ???