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ebill on line

Just Moved In

We are having problems accessing our account in order to pay our bill online.



 When I login to see the bill I can view the account summary but cannot view / download the detailed bill.  I receive the following error message.


Your page has expired. Please click to re-fresh:

Friendly Neighbour

I have the same problem. I had it last month too.


Maybe Telus "Service" will get it fixed for the new millenium.


But I'll bet if you don't pay on time, you'll hear from them right away!

I suspect the ebill presentment problem could be related to Microsoft IE 11.


I would be surprised if TELUS will fix the problem by the end of the Year.  It will take them that long to determine the source of the problem.

Just Moved In

I called in and said the whole process is BS as I also couldn't open my invoice. I said I want a paper invoice and I will not pay the $2 as it is a BS cash grab. The rep said Telus send millions of dollars to Green initiaves. I said BS. The customers are the ones doing it not Telus. They agreed to waive the $2 fee as I was the only one complaining. I said BS. Everyone is pi$$ed off. The classic is today (as I do frequently) got junk mail from Telus even though I am already a customer. Shaw is not charging so next month I am switching.

It appears that ebill is "sort of" working now.   My first attempt to download my ebill resulted in a http 404 error when attemting to download this months bill, however, on my second try I was able to download the bill.


Just Moved In
I am having issues with printing my ebill when I download it. I would love to see a pdf option, as this option works with other online bills

In order to open and view a detailed report of your phone/internet bill, you will need to have a program installed on your computer called Acrobat Reader. Your detailed e.Bill is in the .PDF file format and this is the program required to open it.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you will not be able to open your TELUS e.Bill.  Acrobat Reader is provided by Adobe free of charge. You can download and install it online here:

Just Moved In

I am fed with Telus's billing system First they force me to go to paperless billing. Then just about every sceond month I have problems accessing my account. Now when I ask the online support to go back to paper bill she tells me I will be charged $2 a month. Becuase their online billing system doesn't work????? I am fed up. The Telus website sucks. I cannot even get the phone number to talk to someone. I will not be renewing my contract.