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Downton Abbey episode 7 did NOT record on PVR this past Sunday Feb 16th. How annoying...maybe the weather had something to do with it? I set it to record the series from the beginning and it did not record this episode. Did this happen to anyone else? Can Telus do anything about it? We in Canada are not allowed to access any PBS Masterpiece Theatre shows online due to rights restrictions. So, Telus, what are you gonna do for us? This is a customer service test! Any help that anyone can provide would be much appreciated. From a devout Downton Abbey fan.....thanks!


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Community Power User

What exactly do you expect Telus to do for you? This has nothing to do with customer service. If it didn't record Telus can't reverse time to get your PVR to record the show. Either the show wasn't on at the scheduled time and the PVR skipped it or something else happened.


There is a way to watch it on PBS Masterpiece Theatre but you'd need a little computer knowhow and a service like Unotelly, Unblock-Us or Blockless, all of which offer free 7 day trials.


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There's another discussion here on this topic. It states the PVR searches based on the text describing the show. There are instances where the supplier of the listing mis-spells the show, or gives it the wrong episode number, and the search does not match, so the show is not recorded. Not much can be done about it after the fact.

You can confirm on the guide that the show you want to watch is indeed marked for recording.
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