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change to ebill and customer notifications

Just Moved In

It's caught me before, and just caught me again. I've been a 'paperless bill' customer for quite a while. 


Notices of changes to service (read: rate increases) are put on the paper bill, but not the ebill.  In order for me to see them, I have to choose 'download bill', which is a PDF file, which is the image of the paper bill, if you were to get one.  Now that I've discovered this for the second time, I will remember, brain willing.


To Telus billing personnel, and/or website staff:  choose ONE of the following:


1. Put this information on the ebill, it can't be hard to do. .  While you're in there, coding, have the 'bill details' show by default: don't make me click it every time.  These two items suggest to me that Telus wants to hide changes.




2. When I sign on to see my account details, show me the PDF image *instead* of ebill.  If you think about it, giving me a PDF file of what is essentially an image of a paper bill is going backwards.  If you can't do #1, show it to me as a plain image file, saving the need for my computer/tablet/kiosk-of-the-moment to have a PDF viewer.  Or hey, how about an HTML table?  That would be the indiginous format the web browser is designed to render.  Crazy?




Hi Jeff,

We do appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to send it to: [email protected]