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Why did the call center have no idea speed channel was being discontinued?


Imagine my surprise when I recieved an email today telling me Telus could not reach an agreement to secure their customers with Speed Channel and as of May 30th it would no longer be availabe. Imagine my further surprise when I called to inquire about said email and Telus employees had no idea what I was talking about. Epic failure on all levels and will be the reason I cancel my Telus account. Trying to offer me 5 bucks off my bill for 6 months is not compensation, its an insult. My counter offer was refused. It was not unreasonable and would have cost Telus about $150 over the next 30 months, my cost for services over the next 30 months, $6000+. The cost of doing business when you have 25 year old lower/middle management making choices and incapable of saving customers from changing service providers. I was unable to move any further up the management ladder as the "manager" I talked to would not pass me along, It was him and his offer, or nothing. I choose, Shaw.


Informed call center employees can have a huge impact when customers call to inquire about mass company emails they have recieved. It made Telus look extremely unprofessional and pointed out to myself that there are some serious internal issues at the management levels.



We appreciate the feed back and we were indeed informed of the changes with Speed. I apologize the agents you spoke to were not aware of the changes. You advised you tried the ladder of Managers and went no where. You can utilize our escalation group located on this site lower on the page:
The form located here:

If any one can assist, this group can.

Thank you for reaching out to us and I hope you have a great week!

Reaching out to telus was a mistake and waste of my time. I got nothing worthy of compensation. As far as having a great week, it will be my last great week, next week my entertainment of 60+ hours a week is gone. Anything telus customers have to offer falls on deaf ears and in my opinion telus is in breech of its contract, so as of the 9th of june, you lose my 220 a month. I am sure many will follow me and it will reflect on your 3rd quarter profits in lost revenue. I stayed away from telus after a horrid experience 15 years ago. I decided to give you another chance and guess what, epic failure. "sorry" doesnt cut it. The only way to get any satisfaction is to not give you my money anymore, thats all corporations understand. good-bye

"next week my entertainment of 60+ hours a week is gone"

You watch 60+ hours of TV a week??? Wow!

Not that it's any of your business, but I live with nerve damage and have to manage chronic pain every waken moment of my life. Unable to live a normal life of loving the outdoor activities I used to enjoy, I do indeed watch alot more than 60 hours of tv per week. So sorry if that doesn't sit well with you, but frankly your passing of judjement on me, doesn't help manage anything in my life, includung the pain.   ,,!,, to you sir!!!!!

No judgement. You chose to post it so I assumed you wanted everyone to read it.

I've been online for almost 20 years, I understand that every messege board has trolls. I guess you are the telus troll. Your comment was judgemental and totally off topic. Toss in uncalled for commenting on the obvious and we are done here.

Telus was just too cheap plain and simple. Has to be the reason because Shaw still has it available. I understand that Telus can change the contract I signed with them at their discretion. So I guess I can as well? Telus has decided to cheap out and not offer me compensation for less service, service that I contracted with them, so I guess I will just pay Telus less money. Next payment will be reduced and will continue to be reduced until Speed is returned. Stop being so cheap Telus.

Heres what happened to Speed Channel.


There's no guarantee that Shaw won't kill it at contract renewal time as well, with a 30 day notice. Then the Shaw forums get spammed by disgruntled users who were previously on Telus.


Well I guess I stand corrected, sort of. The email from Telus only stated that "we were unable to come to an agreement" not anything like I saw on the wiki link. Had they communicated the details maybe I would not have had to jump to a conclusion. They gave me just enough information so I would have to draw my own conclusions. I still stand by my original statement that I am paying the same for less. Try and come up with something for that.

I could'nt agree more. Why should we have to keep paying the same amount for less? When telus adds a channel to a package we pay more so in all fairness why should'nt our bill go down????

try and stay on topic jethro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1