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Upgraded my internet plan and I am being forced to wait almost two weeks for "new equipment"

Just Moved In

So I upgraded my 250/250 plan to the GIGA plan this morning and the lady I talked to says that they cannot make the change until a technician comes here and install new equipment I won't even use.

I've always used my own modem and router and I know my equipment is more than enough capable of handling this plan, so not only I have to wait almost two weeks for some guy to come here and destroy my setup, but I'll have to unplug his installation and set everything back up the way It was.

I am old enough to make my own decisions, trust me, and I don't like that I am being forced to receive a technician in my home that's going to move stuff around just so he can tell Telus he did it when I already know his installation won't last 5 minutes after he leaves.


I understand why they think It's necessary, It's easier for them to give technical support if everybody uses the same equipment and I understand that the service may not be optimal with certain equipment, sure, you do the right thing by making your customers aware of that but It should stop there, once made aware of those two things It's none of anyone's business how I want to setup the internet in my home and I should have the right to refuse and upgrade my plan right away.


I just find this whole thing silly, I'm gonna call back in a bit and see if I can convince someone to make the change today and cancel the technician's visit. This is nothing but a waste of time for me and equipment for you as It'll just be sitting in my closet for however long I will keep the service. Disappointing, to say the least!