Trouble making payments using on-line?


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For three or four days I've had no luck trying to make a payment on both my mobile and home services accounts. Today, after no luck once again, I thought i would call 1-888-811-2323 and ask if there is a web site issue, as no one has responded to my request for contact. As I keyed thru the menu, it occurred to me I might try to pay using the telephone system and voila - it worked. Granted it is a much longer time to spend making a quick payment, but al least it did work. 

I've left messages, but so far no contact from TELUS. Has anyone else had trouble making a payment from their desktop/tablet/phone - I've tried all three?  

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Prepaid, or post-paid account?


I've always done post-paid and home account through online banking, and pre-paid via automatic top-ups.

No problems lately.


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I assume the credit card you were using is the same name on the account? If a visa debit card make sure you have the right information tied to that card from your bank. Scotia bank by default left the address blank and would fail the checks when you went to pay.

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Hi Skiddy, did you try paying through the TELUS my account app?

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

No known issues for Mobility. It's very picky depending on the card of choice. If it's a new credit card it must be activated first. If you've updated your address it has to be updated with the bank and Telus. Prepaid credit cards seldom work. I'm with @NFtoBC I do online payments through my banking app

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I was on the phone with Telus for hours the other day.
The rep did say their billing servers were having some issues and he couldn't process a payment for me over the phone nor could I do it online.
Thanks for this tip, hopefully it works for me as well!
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Glad that someone has answered your question! Also, one thing that you can do to avoid this from happening: you can enable PAP (Pre-authorized payment) using either credit or debit (only through online MyAccount). 


After logging into MyAccount, just simply go to billing or sign up PAP from the landing page. More details: here.


I had exactly this problem last month despite having set up a pre-authorised card on their system.  The system simply would not accept it (whether online or over the telephone).


I spent at least two hours holding to speak to an agent without ever managing to speak to a human being.


I tried paying using my online banking system but the system wouldn't recognise the account Number Telus gave me (I tried both the 9 and 10 digit versions).


In all I wasted around five hours last month trying to sort this out until one day out of the blue the payment just went through on their online payment system. 


I've just gone to pay my new bill online today and am experiencing exactly the same problem.


I really can't believe I'm going to have to go through all of this again.


Telus need to sort this out quickly.  What kind of company can't set up a reliable system to enable their customers to pay them?  

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @TommyC,


You can trying using the online chat (bottom right) here: You should be able to get through to an agent in less than 1 minute.