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Telus not accepting their own errorr

Just Moved In
Just returned from 4 months away. Telus cancelled service for TV stating I had not done the temporary suspension request, thus had not paid enough $$$. I had arranged in Dec/13 to do the suspension but apparently it is not recorded. Now they are charging me additional $$ for it to be cancelled because it was under a 3 yr contract. I was never made aware of any issues for the past 4 months and now Telus will not change anything. Spoke with a manager "Anna" and she was extremely unpleasant and knew far less about the a Telus operations than reps did.
I am very perplexed, have been a client of Telus for over 25 years. Does anyone have any advice to give me?
As a client are there no Customer relations groups I can connect with? The Telus manager- Anna lead me to believe she is the only decision maker in telus. ( FYI Because I did the vacation suspension with Telus the previous year, they had a record of that, but would not look into why it was not suspended for the past few months starting in January. If nothing else they would have the records showing the TV and Internet systems have not been used since Dec31/13.
If Telus does not want a long time reliable client - ok fine- but to also charge me for a cancelled contract- that I didn't cancel is just absolutely dishonest.


Contact Telus page


3/4 of the way down is escalation


If under contract(depending on a company's policy), a suspension should of caused your contract to be extended by the amount of the suspension time. Maybe the one you spoke to for suspension didn't know how to do that.