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Reasonable consistant pricing, what happened to it?

Just Moved In

Just reaching out to Express my disappointment with being forced to cancel all of my telus services today. For 2 plus years I have had to call in every few months and wait on hold and use my time just to try to convince telus to honour their pricing. Again today I had to call because a month after agreeing on a price for all service until 2020 I had to call In again because my bill suddenly jumped up in price from the prior month and was much higher then what was discussed and agreed too. But of course I was told that everything was normal and that I must have misunderstood and there is nothing they can do unless I sign a 2 year contract !!!! I tried to explain for all the trouble we have had over the last 2 years trying to keep telus to their word and price, how could I possibly trust them for another 2 years when they cant even keep my current bill correct. I'm asking if there is someone that can review my file and see the amount times I have had to call in just to keep my bill to what I agreed too, if you feel you can actually help us and give us a reasonable monthly price for the services we had you may contact us and attempt to keep a customer. We will not be tricked into paying 135/mth though when in april/may I was told the services would be 100. I would accept the offer I was given today of 110 dollars a month but I'm not signing a 2 year contract until I can regain some trust in telus. Thank you. Dustin and Amanda Staples