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Prorated Billing for Disconnected Services

Friendly Neighbour

I just spent some time talking to a rep, questioning why I didn't get credit prorata for a service I had removed earlier in November (my bill period is the 28th).  She told me times have changed and I now need to give 30 days notice in order to receive a credit.  If I had been adding a service, however, I would have been charged from the day it was added to the 28th.  After I hung up I realized that I now had a new question.  


We have an OPTIK TV theme pack where we only watch one channel.  We want to cancel the theme pack and subscribe to the one channel we do watch.  Judging from what she told me about stopping services, if I remove the theme pack today I will lose access to all the channels in it but will not receive a prorated credit from Dec 6 to Dec 28 (a credit of about $6.50).   But I want the one channel, so will need to sign up for it.  If I sign up for it today, I will be charged from today - at a cost of about 3.00 for the period Dec 6 through the 28th.  In effect, I pay twice for the one channel I do want to watch.


Is my interpretation correct?  If so, how do I get around paying twice for the same channel?  We actually have multiple theme packs we want to do this to, so the dollars start to add up.







Yes, you are correct.  You will want to cancel the package and add the one channel a few days before your next billing cycle starts and then they could make sure the changes only happen on the next billing cycle.


Hope this helps you!