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Promos just for new customers?

Just Moved In

I thought I read on one of the Telus pages that if you were an existing customer and signed up for a new 3 year contract you qualified for one of the promo items?  I was also told this during a chat session about something else.  Phoned today was all happy about getting a new laptop and they called back 5 minutes later saying that it is just  for brand new who am I to believe?



Generally, Existing customers can get the promo deal of 6 months at half price and no bonus of TV/Computer.

The 6 month 1/2 price deal would come about by a major upgrade to your internet or signing up for Telus TV. And depending on the Rep, does not require a contract to get it.


You'd have to contact loyalty and retentions, to see if they might give you the laptop deal for signing a 3 year contract.

You could consider the 3 year contract null(if you confirmed to be in one), if you want, due to false information given by the reps.

Scroll to the bottom and open up the 'show conditions 1-5', which would be the generic terms for promotions.



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