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Pro-Rating of a Cancelled Account

Just Moved In

Just curious if this is correct. I just received news that I am starting a new job out of province at the end of this month so I called to cancel my account. My billing period starts on the 14th and I called in on the 16th to cancel on the 30th. I was told that my account would not be pro-rated for the 2 weeks that I would not be using the account as I had just entered into a new billing cycle. Had I called prior to the new billing cycle would I still have been on the hook for those 2 weeks that I'm not using the account? 


When I cancelled with a competitor to move to Telus they adjusted my bill to credit time not used. 


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I guess it depends on the competitor... Shaw forced me to pay for the next billing period.

Just Moved In

So basically the CRTC forced them to remove the 30 day cancellation policy and in return the monopolies stopped prorating accounts. Amazing. Is it worth the extra few dollars they get from doing this for the bad taste they leave with potential customers in the future. I will return to BC after this contract is complete and I will need internet service but this nickel and diming will also ensure that I look at all other options first. It's only $45 but more importantly, it's the principal. I used to work for Telus in their billing department and I know it's not big deal to prorate an account but the girl today was adamant that it wasn't possible. 


I usually just estimate the portion I would be required to pay or the rebate amount and do not pay the full amount of the last bill.  Instead I pay my estimated amount or just wait to pay it late after the cancellation has happened and the credits are posted to the account on the next monthly statement.  There might be a late charge this way but if you have paid most of it by estimating and paying your portion it should be small.  It's better than overpaying and waiting for them to send you a refund.


Formula is pretty easy.  Add up your charges for the upcoming month (remove any variable or one time charges) divide by 30 and then multiply by the number of days you will be keeping the service.  That should be the amount to be paid.  Remember to calculate the sales taxes appropriately.


Most reps can help you estimate it accurately unless your bill has many variable usage charges.  Just call back and ask them to estimate your final bill for you.