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New Telus Homepage for and browsers


I am finding that the new page does not look pretty in any 6 bit browser like Waterfox or IE 64 bit

Is this going to be addressed or do we have to just use 32 bit to make it look better?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I didn't realize anyone actually used still. Define "not pretty". Not sure what you mean by that.


Just to be safe I tested in a few different browsers - all 64 bit. The website loaded fine in all of them and it looked identical.


Waterfox 32.0 - loaded fine.

Chrome 36.x - loaded fine.

Internet Exploiter 11 - loaded fine.

Firefox 32.0 - loaded fine.


If you have any plugins installed in the browser, some of them may affect the page. 


Does it appear like this for you? >>




FYI > 64 bit browser will load it identically to a 32 bit browser. Bits have nothing to do with content, just how the browser interacts with the operating system.

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The pages look the same in 32 bit IE11, 64 bit IE11, Chrome (Windows) and Chrome (Android).

What exactly do you want addressed to make it look "better"?