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Moving, but may not find a place for a month, couple of months or more.

Just Moved In

Just sold my condo, haven't found a new house yet. it could be immediate. It could be in a month, couple of months, or longer, and I was told that there is no option but to cancel my services and pay $410, which is bc I took a gift, but if I find a place within 90 days then I will be credited back.


Is there a better option than this? Is there no reason to freeze my services, then when I find a place to resume? I understand if I was cancelling my services for good, or found that shaw or bell had a killer deal than jumpship, but I am not doing that, and what if I can't find a place within the 90 days? I am not asking to cancel my services and dealing with another provider, I am simply moving, but haven't found a place, or potentially not finding a place within the 90 day period.