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Minutes from Okotoks and yet still no internet available to my community acreage...WHY NOT YET?!

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I am officially frustrated!! I have contacted Telus numerous times in the last 6 years to see why we haven't had internet of any kind, DSL or satellite brought to our acreage community of approx 50 homes. We have only one option of internet service in our community of Silvertip now and it is below par. Considering that internet is considered these days as an essential 'utility'(if you will), I often get frustrated when I have to limit my families usage because the data is limited and costly atrocious. 

I have been into Telus' community venues and expressed my concerns, threw plenty of notes into random 'suggestion boxes', filled out forms online and they have gotten nowhere!

It put me over the edge when I visited friends in Okotoks (no more than a 7 minute drive from my home) this past week-end, only to find out that they are currently getting upgraded by Telus to fibre optic lines!! Are you kidding me??!! How in the world is that justified when they already have internet provided to them, and unlimited data to boot! And now they're getting even better service!!?? When they can't even supply us with the basics out here!!!

I wish this frustrating memo makes it to the top of Telus' powers-at-be!!! Because the ground-operators are just as helpless as I am!!


Community Power User
Community Power User

What is the population density of your acreage community? Telus has the opportunity to compete for  10,000+ customers in Okotoks.  Without sufficiently small distances, the economies of running a wireline-based Internet system are generally lacking. I'm surprised xplornet, or a similar Wireless ISP has not set up services in your area. In my neck of the woods, there are two small WISP companies competing for business in the rural area surrounding town, both serving the areas not connected by Telus.


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