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I have recently been thinking about applying to join the Telus retail team, however, when I do try to fill out an application it rejects it because I am not 18. My question is, why do I have to be 18 to apply for this job, and could there perhaps be an exception, due to the fact that I will be 18 in the next few months?

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Likely due to the fact that until you reach the age of majority in your province, you can't enter into a contract. There may be specific parts of the job which require your legal ability to sign a contract, thus Telus needs applicants to be 18. 


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We have laws regarding child labor, and while each province has its own laws, most restrict work for children up to 18 years, preferring them to be in school.


Not sure why telus picked the age  of 18 as they are federally regulated, which considers anyone under 17 to be a child.