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Internet faster?

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I am wondering if I am getting the fastest internet that will allow me to download movies faster. Right now when I try to download movies on my tv through my android device there is a lot of buffering and interruptions.


My account is Telus 15 123802286






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You can see what plan you have in the 'My Account' section, if you are uncertain. However, ANY of Telus recent plans should allow you to download movies without buffering or interruptions.  You can check your download speed at, but your issue may be with your Wi-Fi being impacted by neighbouring Wi-Fi, or other devices.  Have you any means to check the speed at the Android device?


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  • what internet speed plan are you currently subscribed to?  15 Mbps?  Depending on where you are... you may be able to purchase faster speeds.
  • if you run what speed do you get?
    run the speed test while hard wired to the router.... not on wifi.
    make sure no one else in the house streaming?
  • What speed does the router say you are getting?
  • What city or town are you located in?  Where I am.... Fiber is at 150Mbps, but some Telus locations offer 250Mbps.
  • The competition claims they offers the fastest internet speeds where I am, but when you look Telus matches them.  However the competitions upload speed runs 5x SLOWER.
  • Some nearby communities are getting 960 Mbps.... I hear due to competition laws.... Telus must limit their download speeds to match the competition.
  • There are times I found the issue is not the internet, but the device or computer is too old with not enough memory or disk space to run everything.

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