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I get upset every time I see an ad offering tv's or laptops or tablets or ?? for signing up as a new subscriber to one of their products.  I've been a subscriber for many, many years, have all my products bundled and yet what do I get as an incentive to stay with Telus...nothing !  Would be nice if they would give us a chance at one of these incentives...I would have no problem signing up for a 3 yr term...but not even give a chance.  Any thoughts ???


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Community Power User

You do know those aren't incentives right? You can buy them separately and cheaper from a store compared to what you'd be paying for them over the three year term...

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Yes, I realize that I could go out and buy one...but as I'm planning to stay with Telus for all my services for the forseeable future, it would be nice to get something for my loyalty and long term commitment !  They don't even have the Perks program anymore,,,at least we got something from its a calendar once a year...if you remember to request it before they run out !     Just saying .....!

You  will have to excuse the remarks made by the former.

If you are  a long time loyal customer Telus can give you a special package deal.just contact them



Yes, that's correct.  If you are a long time customer, you can give customer care a call at 3102255 and they can offer you some loyalty discounts.


Hope this helps you!