How to get Telus to return my calls re: damage they did to my power line installing Fibre Optics?


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Last summer Telus intalled Fiber Optics in my area and Boxing Day, I lost power to my home. When EPCOR repaired the line, they showed me how the Telus line was sitting on the damaged EPCOR power line. They were supposed to be nowhere near the existing lines. Now I have a $3600 repair bill and Telus won't return my calls. I have emailed them the info and pictures and left numerous other emails and messages and they won't even answer their damage claims phone number 1.844.472.5246 or their email messages at

I knew Telus had bad service but I never thought that they were absolute crooks.

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Send a registered letter with your claim. If you can’t get a satisfactory resolution, small claims court is the usual final adjudicator of such issues.
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Hey there @Blinkinlights! Sorry to hear about the experience. Please send a private or direct message to our social media team on Facebook or Twitter and they'll forward it along to our claims team for you.