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Home wifi in BC will soon charge according to usage?


My first bill with telus came in within a few weeks of hook up! But it said that in the 1.5 weeks it covered, that we used 27.8gb/100gb allowed for our monthly plan. We weren't informed that we would be charged by usage when we subscribed. (It was suppose to be 50$/month for the first 6 months) We called after receiving our first bill, the rep told us that starting sometime next year we will be seeing extra wifi charges if we go over our limit! Btw its not a mobile connection, , this is home wifi. Ive never heard of home wifi having limits.. whats up with that?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Home internet has always had limits, however it seems Telus chose not to enforce them. If you look at the Internet sales page Telus clearly states the limits of each package.


Internet 15 = 150 GB / month

Internet 25 = 250 GB / month

Internet 50 = 400 GB / month


Apparently Telus will offer a premium service with higher caps for those who need or want it.


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Usage cap enforcement at this time is called a 'soft-cap'.


Unless you use a large amount past your 100GB(example: over 500GB to 1000GB and every month) no one will call to say otherwise. 

In some instances, if there is a higher speed package available, you may be nicely asked to upgrade to a higher data/speed package if available.


Internet data usage types. Future limit enforcement charges.


Possibility of usage cap enforcement, could be spring 2015. Dependant on various technical factors still being worked on for fair enforcement.


Home Wifi is still home internet and subject to same data limits.


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

This is old news.... in previous media stories, only 90% of customers would exceed their "cap" each month.


For myself I average 30gb a month and I consider myself a heavy user.  Though I don't watch streaming videos.  However since adding IP cloud cameras in my house.  Each cloud camera uploads 2.5gb a day.  With dual cameras, I'm still under my 250gb a month.