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DATA USAGE fees - Not Recorded by hourly basis - DATA Theft happening


As a long time Telus Customer who has always been mostly happy with the service 

and fees, I am no longer satisfied with the new DATA USAGE money grab.  


Here's my main reason why I am ticked off: 


1) There is no hourly usage chart to show the customer how much they are using. 


I have never gone over my 150 GB quota but I recommended Telus Internet to a friend 

and her DATA Usage is going over the limit every month.   


Since she doesn't have a lot of money, and since I pay her regular bill montly... her new bills 

are going through the goddamned roof.   This is terrible and wrong since she doesn't play games, 

watch TV, or do much with her internet.  We even changed her router password in case someone 

was breaking in. 


Her monthly bills began skyrocketing in August... for no apparent reason.  She doesn't look at 

YOUTUBE or use HD for Videos or download music or videos. 



Why is her bill so high???  


She and her daughter stayed at our place for 4 days and our internet bill and DATA usage was 

much the same... no change..  Our bill was the same.  YET her telus in her apartment is 

skyrocketing on DATA USE. 


Has someone hacked into or patched into her router somehow???  Is that possible and can they 

keep doing that. 


A daily log by TELUS online is needed for any customer to see if they are being robbed of DATA

by some goddamned internet thief. 







Community Power User
Community Power User
She could have a virus or malware, someone could have her wireless password, etc. If she isn't sure how to configure her router, she should call Telus. She should also make sure she has proper, up to date antivirus.

As for data usage fees, they aren't going anywhere. People complained when they came out but that was the extent of it. Seeing that the daily breakdown of data usage is no longer possible online. She could try calling Telus to see if they can break it down.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

You can also use the tools in the gateway to determine the use. If there is a runaway device on the network, it would be traceable through the gateway logs.

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As @Nighthawk​ said, it's probably best to have her call telus.

So many things could impact her data usage; malware, Windows updates, streaming video (netflix, etc). 

In this day and age, 150Gb of data is not a lot on a home network. If that is her data cap, she might consider getting their unlimited option which costs $30 without home phone/TV or $15 with it. 

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Community Power User

Actually, as Dark_Kight mentioned Windows, if she has Windows 10, there is a feature enabled by default that allows Windows to share updates with other computers (like torrenting) and it can eat up data a lot.

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