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Credit checks on new accounts

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I want to get home internet, and TV from Telus (as shaw is charging to much). My total monthly bill will be under $100. As Telus wants to do a credit check, normally I have no concerns about this. But as I am applying for a mortgage at the same time, I do not want a hit on my credit reports.


So is the Telus credit report a Hard inquirie, or a soft inquire?


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You could get the mortgage first!


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I went "back to Telus" from Shaw last Fall, and Telus did a "hard credit check", even tho I was a previous Telus customer of 35 years.  Telus even changed my account number, no idea why!



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When you left Telus, you closed your account. That resulted in a new account having to be created when you came back, and that's why the new number and credit check. I've had Shaw hard check me before also. It's not an uncommon practice among a lot of companies when you sign up for service. Even your electricity or natural gas provider may hard check you as well.

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I'm totally fine with it.  Thanks for your comment and enjoy your evening.



You can ask Telus to do a soft inquiry, and explain why, or go the other way and explain the Telus hard inquiry to your bank or mortgage lender. If you've been shopping for a mortgage, you have a 45 day window during which the hits from multiple potential lenders are combined as one small hit; ask your potential lenders about that. If you have a good score, one or two hits won't sink you anyway. I know people who have the worst credit scores on the planet and they qualify for everything. Cat LOL