Contract what??


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There's still some time, but my 3 yr contract for Optik TV is coming to an end.  I called in to see what will happen once it ends.  To continue with Optik my choices are: $0/month for 3 yrs, $10/month for 2 yrs, $15/month for 1 yr, or month to month for $20/month.  This is for 1 PVR and 1 box (I got an XBox 360 to sign up, but gave it away since it was frustrating to watch Optik TV AND I had to pay).  Now I don't know about everyone else, but these choices don't seem very tempting.  Pay to rent what's now 3 yr old equipment or sign another 3 yr contact where Telus can jack up the prices anytime and as often as they like.  On top of that, they can drop channels at anytime and you will still be required to pay the $10/month for the remaing months of your contract should you leave.  Don't know what I'm going to do.  Other choices are Bell or Shaw.  Now my friend got a Gateway with 3 portals (ie. for 3 TVs) rent free for a lifetime from one of their door to door salesman. His rate after promo prices is about the same as Telus, but I think he gets slightly less channels.  What is everyone else planning on doing?