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Changes to Pre-Authorized Payments by Credit Card

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Just to clarify, as the billing date is being moved back 14 days and we will see two billings on our statement, the amount for the second billing will be 1/2 of normal because we have already paid for that half month correct? I am going to assume that Telus is not going to cheat thier several million customers out of 1/2 a month of extra billing... 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Anything billing releated you probably want to call in to Telus.

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I had 3 mobile phones with different billing dates and it was a pain as I had to make payments on 3 different days a month. I called and had them align all the billing dates so that I could pay them all on the same day. After extensive calculations on my part I was pleasantly surprised to find my next bills were bang on.

If you find your next bill isn't right all it takes is a phone call to sort it out.

Answers here -


Short answer: No, they are not double-dipping. 🙂

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