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Cannot create Home Account because I already have a Mobile Account


The Telus system won't let me register my Telus land-line to be able to view my account at this link:

That form is so buggy it's amazing. Button for show your password doesn't work. After I enter my info and say 'continue' and error pops up at the very top left saying to 'fill in this field', which isn't a field at all and I already filled in all the fields. [Their form for checking DSL availability was also a joke, after entering my zip code the form replaced the city name with two city names, 'Langford-Victoria' which it then would not accept.] It wouldn't surprise me if this very form fails to save properly as well.

So I called so called 'help' twice and get the same BS story that if I log on to my mobile account I can add my land line. I guess they have never used the mobile account, because all I can find is a place to add another mobile number, not my land line.

Anyone know what steps to create an account that actually work?

Wow. Just wow. I found yet another non working form at This via the help system for the first non-working registration form. Enter your info, say continue, then the form says your request is being processed a few seconds and stops. Doesn't go to the next step. So try again and maybe it will go to the next step. Fill in the second form and you get the message Unable to process your request OMG.



If you're trying to use the same email address for both mobile and landline accounts, you can't do that. The form will tell you the account already exists. Then it may or may not ask if you'd like to add the new account to the existing. I never merge accounts--it just opens up a whole can of very troublesome worms.

And you may get different forms if viewing on a computer, a tablet, or a phone. The computer is always the best and easiest way to go. But different browsers may give you different page results as to what's on the form, what works, and what doesn't. I have four browsers on my computer for those instances. Firefox seems the best for forms. 

I've never had any issues with any Telus accounts. I have four--landline, post-paid, and two pre-paid. All the same name, but different accounts, different emails.


It's best to use your email account for your home services and a Gmail or similar non-ISP account for your mobile account.

Can't comment on the registration page as it's been a very long time since I last used them. I do agree with @Lola that it's best to use a computer browser. 


I've never used a account. I don't use Telus internet. I use gmail accounts for everything and I've never had an issue. 🙂


Of course any email will work. I found it easier to remember which email is for which account by using the ISP address for the ISP account.