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Can I do the telus internet install by myself?

Just Moved In

I just took a day off to go to my vacation home in Invermere so my telus tech could install my internet (from Calgary). He/She did not show. Says they tried to contact me, but I have no missed call or voicemail... I also verified the number on file.

It's Friday. I'm pretty sure the tech did not call.


Can I install this myself? There is no way I'm making another appointment and wasting another day.




Have a working phone line?


A POTS splitter in your demarc?  Or use a dsl micro-filter at phone for phone for interrnet 6 and 15(adsl mode).  A VDSL2 POTS splitter would prefered at speeds above 6Mbps for quality assurance.


Its a simple plug in the Telus Gateway(can arrive by mail if you want). Zyxel or Actiontec.

Line Port would/should of been provisioned for your service.

With a self install, any unknown line conditions that affect service, would require a tech to come out once noticed.