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Browser can't find server at ebill.telus

Friendly Neighbour

The page at saya "Browser unsupported" when 'view e.bill' is selected from the account summary displayed by the same firefox browser.


Ignoring the 'browser unsupported' which is rather silly - the browser being Mozilla Firefox - I dug a little deeper to find:


Firefox can't find the server at ebill.telus.commerid=19852828&conv_id=billinglandingpage & context_entrypoint=blank & context_billingaccountid=234830673 & context_from=blank & conv_instance=com.telus.framework.web.controller.conversation %40432376fe


The billing account id 234830673 is correct. I have no idea what the commerid is, let alone what the value should be. This has all been working on my server for at least the past 2 years.


If I can correctly access my summary account with Firefox, then I have to assume the problem is with the view e.bill link. All other sites are functioning normally, both http and https.


Community Power User
Community Power User

@george   The following characters seem to be missing between "" and "merid=" in the URL you presented: /customermgt/


At least that is a difference I see in Safari, vs what you indicated in your post. Though it brings you no closer to a correction, might updating the URL at least get you access? If so, we have more info to provide to the coders at Telus.


@Hippo Might this tidbit be shared with the appropriate folks?




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Friendly Neighbour

I entered the url info manually at the keyboard.


The problem really is in whatever following the link for 'View e.bill' produces off the account summary page.


All that shows on the url for that is truncated:


Howvere, I see this failure to show the detail is far from being unique to me.