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Another Price Increase




A few months ago I asked if Telus if they would raise the price during a "contract". They said that they wouldn't, so I signed up for a two year contact. Since then, I always check the bill's fine print to see if they try to sneak something in. In my June 10 bill, there is notice of another price increase that would be May 26 (the previous month) of $5 for Optik TV.





Wish I could offer something useful, but I don't have a contract, I just watch the fine print on the bills and when there are price increases too often, I call in to object. It seems that they shouldn't be able to raise the price agreed to in a 2 year contract - personally I don't think it's ethical - but if they are, it may well be that their service terms allow it. 

Just Moved In

Get use to the increase.  My internet has increased twice ($5 each time) and Optik TV has increased twice ($5 each time).  The contract is for their protection not ours.

I called Telus the other day because my contract was up.  I spoke to "Loyalty".  I told them I wasn't feeling very loyal and was considering other internet options.  Not really true - I love my Telus internet - but never hurts to ask, right? 


They doubled my speed from 300/300 unlimited to 750/750 and sent me a $150 gift card.  The price is $130/month which is up from $125/month. 


They did get an extra $5 from me which will eat up most of the gift card over the 2 year contract.  But still... doubled my speed. 


Thanks for the head's up.  I'll be watching my bill each month to make sure it doesn't go up.