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A thank you letter to telus

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Dear telus, I truly apreciate how difficult you made cancelling my apointment. Its great knowing that i have to wait an hour on a waiting list just to call in and the fact that because i was told to call a different number and i falsly presumed it was somehow my fault i had to wait an extra half hour just makes me feel great about how valued i am. I cant tell you how to remedy this situation as i dont know how you run your company what i can tell you is how your phone lines and online support is currently being run is for sure not as effecient and customer freindly as possible. Im sure i could send an email and have things dealt with quicker however with my experience with the phone lines and online support i am doubtful it would be succesful. I am glad that yesterday it didnt take over an hour to get connected with someone for tech support in order to actually have my issue solved however your phone lines should not be getting backed up to this extent. The only way you could possibly make me more angry right now is if i get a responce from someone feigning sympathy and apologising the only person who beleives that anyone gives a **bleep** about what im complaining about is an idiot who doesnt understand that he is not capable of changing anything he only has the choice to try to find a different servise or keep using his current one. So yes, thank you telus, thank for holding the standard, thank you for your entirely average customer support. Sincerly a very angry customer

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What is with Telus customer service!!! I can never get anyone on the phone without waiting 2+ hours and the online chat bots can never help and continually repeat themselves saying "sorry for your inconvenience". I am livid! I am also a small business customer which means my phone is used for business. You would think with the limited hours the business support center has they would answer their calls at least quicker but no. 


Also, I have been put on "hold" before on the phone only to be forgotten and no one ever gets back to me (even after 1+ hour of waiting) to which I call back and the office is closed! I have been jerked around by about every representative saying it's not our fault call Asurion to which I called Asurion and they answered in 5 min, gave me all the info and noted my account yet Telus still can't help. 


For such a large company they are sure quick to charge a lot and sell you a phone but getting support is like searching for a **bleep** sasquatch!


Also, don't tell me to contact you using FB or social media as they can't help my issue and one shouldn't have to resort to social media for support.

I need to speak to telus rep about obtaining some past bills for my taxes. The phone wait times are one hour and i waited on the web site for 1/2 hour to CHAT and then they did not solve my issue and sent me to the phone number with the one hour wait time. This is unacceptable. I will be dropping one of my land lines due to this non-existant service.

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@ErnestM. previous home/mobility bills can be viewed in PDF format from your My Telus account.

@WestCoasterBC wrote:

@ErnestM. previous home/mobility bills can be viewed in PDF format from your My Telus account.

But online might not go back far enough for all purposes. My daughter recently required 5 years of paperwork. This can sometimes be done in list format for a fee, depending on the company and what's involved, but it's always cost-free from the federal government for things like OAS income over X-amount of years.