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Google Pixel 3a - Telus prices for mobile phones


Perhaps someone from Telus can tell me why the Telus store charges $625 (retail) for the Google Pixel 3a and only offers 2 colors? If I were to order it directly from the Google store I would get an unlocked version for $549 along with a choice of 3 colors.


Common Telus please explain yourself? I noted you have higher prices for almost all phones. In the Canadian market place I have choices and it makes me wonder if I want to stay with you when my contract is up. You are not very competitive.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Google likely only allows the carriers specific colors and saves the unique one for itself. It is not unusual for phone manufacturers to do that. Bell appears to be charging $649.99 for the Pixel 3a. They also only have two colors as well. Rogers is $550 though but still only has the two colors and then there's the fact that you'll have to deal with Rogers... If you're purchasing the phone completely, you can buy it from wherever you like as long as it's compatible with the cellular network.


As for the explanation you demanded, good luck getting any company to explain their pricing structure or choices.

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Is there any reason you are not buying from the Google store? If there is then you've answered your own question.