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Calls dropping .

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My calls have been dropping for the past month and half. After contacting telus they sent me to apple and apple gave a replacement device . But it is still happening and telus doesn't wanna do anything about it. All they are is sorry . If I wanna cancel the contract they even want me to pay for the cancelation fees. such a stupid company . i have been with them 4 years .


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Community Power User

There are a number of different things that can cause calls to drop. Your post didn't include any details.


  1. Which model of iPhone do you have?
  2. Do you have iOS up to date? (iOS 12.3.1)
  3. Are the calls dropping in only one location (at home)? If no what town / neighborhood are you in?
  4. Do you know how close the nearest tower is?
  5. Are you seeing "Call Failed" on screen or some other message?
  6. Do calls drop when you're using wifi calling? I've had a lot of issues with wifi calling and iPhones - plural - where I just leave it off now.
  7. Do calls drop when you're using 3G?
  8. Do calls drop when you're using LTE?
  9. If LTE, do you have LTE for Voice enabled or disabled? If enabled, shut if off to test to see if there is a change.

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it is an iPhone X, with latest ios. Calls are dropping everywhere even in downtown . There is a tower near my house but the calls are still dropping. I am using VoLTE, i contacted apple and they did the diagnostic and told me 35/625 calls drop over the past 14 days.

Head on into a Telus Store and insist your SIM is defective.  If the phone isn't the issue, then swapping out the SIM is a good idea to at least try.  

With the warmer weather finally here. Blooming trees are a temporary form of interference we all tend to overlook. Are there some big leafy trees around the area where you are having issues, perhaps in the line of sight of the closest tower?