New Router blocking my SMB Shares


I can't remember the model number of my old Telus router, but I recently got upgraded to the new TC200M dual band wireless router, which in many ways has been great. There is one problem, everything worked flawlessly on my wired network connections on the old router. Since upgrading, neither of my Apple TVs can see my SMB shares on my PC anymore.  The router is the only thing that has changed and it was immediate. I can still see my NAS which is good, but my PC shared files are completely inaccessible now. Is there a setting in the new router that I can change to fix this?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm not familiar with that model number. Might it be an Actiontec T3200M?


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Could be your pc, it detected the new router and determined the pc was connected  to a new and insecure network and disabled file sharing