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I'm baffled why I can not add Amazon Prime to my TELUS  box? We recently switched from Shaw after 20+ years and in reality based on what our sales guys told us. I asked if I can add Aps and was confirmed I could. Long story short there was multiple things he lied about.


So what can't I add Amazon Prime TV? I'm paying for the box and paying for the internet so TELUS gets paid EITHERWAY???


Can anyone figure out how to add Amazon Prime TV App? I'd really not prefer having multiple controls/devices to access this content.



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Amazon doesn’t have an app for the Android TV platform (PikTV). You can add apps on the PikTV device from google play store.

Optik Tv you can’t add “apps” it’s a closed platform. The mediaroom platform I’ve yet to see any company in Canada or the US have Amazon. Optik TV recently added the YouTube app, but YouTube would have developed the app for it.

Keep in mind we’re not talking about a simple iOS or android app they can simply port over for Optik TV (mediaroom platform). Amazon decides how and where their content can be viewed.

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I figured as much and it may have to do with programming of the device. I did not realized it was a closed platform and not linked to Google store slightly different that my original information provided by our Sales rep.


I'm presently surprised as to why companies (Shaw, TELUS to name a few) don't allow these Third Party APP's to connect or be accessible. Even if we trimmed down our TV packages we are still using TELUS internet and Optic TV Box to access the Third Party APP data therefore they are still making money. It would seem to me if TELUS allowed Third Party APP's this it would give them a huge boost over the others companies where as you can watch TV and stream all in one and don't need to switch between multiple devices (ROKU, Apple TV, Chromecast).


Well those are my thoughts but I also think these companies should look at legacy loyality programs and not concentrating on just securing new users.





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It all depends if the companies behind the third party apps want them accessible on other platforms. Netflix did and both Telus, and quite some time later, Shaw, both have Netflix available on their platforms. Amazon so far doesn't seem hugely interested in expanding in that way yet.

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Amazon Prime is on Apple TV. Better use it. It will not eat your data watching movies on Amazon Prime or Netflix because it's streaming on Wifi. I don't use the Netflix app of Telus Optik. It will only consume your data fast while binging on movies.

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Streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video DOES consume data and is counted towards your allotted monthly limit.

Your internet service is provided through a modem, which has wired/wireless connections. Unless you’re accessing an open wifi connection that isn’t yours, you can best bet Data Consumption is being counted.

If you really want prime video buy an Amazon Fire Stick from - they are only $50.


Amazon Prime Video just released their client that works in Canada on the Xbox.  I watch my Prime Video subscription through that and it works amazing.


I had to go through a lot of hoops to install the Amazon Prime video app on my Roku and it doesn't work nearly as well as the xbox client.  Since Prime Video was just recently released in Canada, there are few clients for it.  The Roku required a VPN to a US IP Address just to install the client, then I had to authorize the client via login code through the web.  Even then the Roku client displays lots of content not available in Canada, so when you choose a show to watch, often you'll get a message about the video not being available in your region.  That doesn't happen with the xbox client.