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unable to receive calls on telus landline from non telus numbers


i recently moved and had all my telus services moved over to new address


internet and TV is working fine, but been having issues with telus landline since the move


- the landline can call out to all numbers

- the landline can receive calls from all telus numbers

- but it can't receive any inbound calls from non-telus numbers, Rogers, Bell, Virgin or any SIP/VOIP providers, i haven't tried from anywhere else but it safe to say it can't receive calls from any other IPS other than telus itself 

- when calling from non telus number, it says number is disconnected or number is un-assigned 

- i have spent hours on the call with telus support and they haven't been able to figure out the issue, keep saying all is good on their end, must be the other IPS where the call is originating from (which i don't buy at all, since the issue started after the move)

- even escalated the issue to support mgr, who had his phone support techs investigate and said there is nothing else he can do

- i have also called & spoken to Rogers and they said the issue is on the receiving end not their side 


posting here hoping someone here can help troubleshoot or escalate the issue





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Community Power User

Is this a phone number you got from Telus or one you ported in from another provider?

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its a telus phone number that we 've had for over a decade or longer. prob started after move to new address.

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Community Power User

I’m guessing your service is on Fibre at your new address. Sounds like the SIP address of your new installation is not being properly distributed / managed.


All I can suggest is to contact Telus again, or ask your line be put on copper.


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i had fiber at my old address prior to the move, when I moved, they said the fiber isn't available yet and installed my services using copper line, so its currently running on copper. 


will call them again and mention your suggestions.


wife called them earlier this morning and they basically refuse to do anything, its like butting heads against a wall, it like I have to do their troubleshooting for them. 

What ended up happening as I’m experiencing this same thing? Well except for I don’t seem to get any incoming calls but I can dial out and TELUS has told me the same thing that everything looks great on their end....

Yes i got this number from telus

@LindaRichardsonAny service issues you must contact Telus.


we were pestered all year to upgrade from cooper to fiber for phone line, we finally did in oct.  we just noticed today, we can call out but can not call home on our cell phones, we get the line is unassigned.   our cells are rogers.  no idea how long no one can call us at home.  very glad though my kids can call out if needed.  but my wife and I could never call them back.


why is there no info on the forums to fix this. I should not need to call and be on hold for 1-2 hrs just to speak to a human. been through that many times with internet issues in the past 3 years. 


I was 100% fine on copper line. but they called every month from april till oct.  my wife picked up and said yes just so we wouldn't keep getting the calls.


very disappointed now that this is an issue,   it should not be possible. and the fact it happened once to someone else. it should have been fixed for all of us.  


I do wonder though, if it happens after a power out. or resetting the modem and white box, when internet issues need to be fixed. does it kill the phone part of it too.  if so . telus fix that....

Call 611 repair or use online chat to report the issue.  Only Telus repair can fix this issue, nothing you can do on your end it's just a glitch with the local number routing on the phone switch and the local routing number database.


Tell them you have number cannot be called from other carriers.  Tell them which specific carriers you have tested and what message they hear when trying to dial number.  Ask them to have local number porting / Translations team check the line.  They will submit the trouble ticket to the team responsible for handling this situation.  It will get fixed.  Reporting on this forum cannot fix this type of problem, we are just regular customers like you and this is an internal issue not something like a setting on your local equipment you have control over.





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