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locking my questions on forums

whos doing this!! am asking a quick question!! =(



You keep asking oddly specific questions that pertain to future technology releases and could easily be taken as suspicious snooping from a competitor or investor standpoint. This is a community forums for customers to get help with existing products. Most people here will not know the answers you are looking for and any employees who would know would not disclose such sensitive information on this board. Stop trying. You will not get the answers you are seeking here.

You ask some interesting technology questions but this is not the place to ask them. This is a TELUS customer help community forum not a general technology forum. You may want to check out other sites like mobilesyrup or howardforums.


At one point i had a newer laptop but i had great difficulty with installed system. Is was my problem not understanding the correct way of using it. So i made an appointment  with a computer repair and install person paid him $70 for the hour best thing i ever did. To this day i do not jump onto a new system or a new update until i see  the bugs have been taken care of.   Saves a lot of time not having to correct some of compatibility problems you can run into.  New things are not the best a lot of the time.